Prize Give-Away Monday

Well we’ve reached the magic number of one hundred followers on the blog, so as promised we’re going to give away an Enid Blyton book to one lucky follower. I’ll get to the details in a moment, but first what’s coming up on the blog this week.

On Wednesday we’ll be putting on chapter three of Poppy’s Adventure Series fan fiction, The Marsh of Adventure. I think things are about to start hotting up in the story, as they’re off to the marsh for the first time. You’ll have to come back on Wednesday to see exactly what happens!

I will possibly review the next Adventure Series book, The Ship of Adventure, or if I find myself with lots of time I might review another biography.

As for Stef, she’s still got a load of possibilities, but I think she may do July flowers for us, before August sneaks up!


So, with that out of the way on to the give-away!

First, the prize. The winner will get one of four Enid Blyton hardbacks that I have set aside (don’t worry I have other copies of the titles, and no room to store duplicates!)

They are: Three Cheers Secret Seven (Brockhampton Press, 1956, first edition), Puzzle for the Secret Seven (Brockhampton Press, 1961, second impression), The Mystery That Never Was (Collins, 1976, second edition) and The Adventure of the Secret Necklace (Lutterworth Press, 1954, first edition.)

Here they are in all their glory:

And now, to the boring bit with all the rules!

1. You must be a follower of the blog through either email or wordpress. You can find the follow by email button at the bottom of the right hand column on the home page and at the top left if you’re a WordPress user.

2. You must live in the United Kingdom as unfortunately we simply cannot afford the postage to the rest of the word.

3. You must comment on this post and tell us which of the four books you would like to win. Please make sure the name on your comment matches the name you use when you followed us so we can match them up!

4. One entry per follower (if you follow us by email and by wordpress it still only counts once.)

5. Once we declare a winner, that person has a further seven days (until Sunday the 4th of August) to get in touch to claim the prize, emailing us at our blog email address would be best.

Phew! The winner will be picked at random on Sunday the 28th of July and we will announced it on Monday the 29th. That means you’ve got a week to decide which book you want!


And finally, a plea from Stef and I! We’re very short of contributors at the moment (must be all the sunshine!), so if you think you’ve got an interesting story or a favourite book to review drop us a line! We’ve got some suggestions on the blog here, so do check it out!

 Good luck with the give-away and have a great week!

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3 Responses to Prize Give-Away Monday

  1. Laura McConnell says:


    Not sure if anyone else is doing this, but I’d like to put my name down for “The Adventure of the Secret Necklace”, please.




  2. Sandra Keeley says:

    Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! Smashing! What a kind, generous way to celebrate. True dedication and gratitude to fans. Good on yer! If I’m lucky enough to win I’d love the Three Cheers Secret Seven book.


  3. Francis says:

    ‘The Mystery that never was’ sounds really intriguing! Old castle, excited children – I can already sense secret passages, hidden rooms and picnics! What a wonderful title, it makes it the book I would love to have if I was lucky enough to win!


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