A celebration of 200 posts

Some of you may remember that back in March this year we reached one hundred posts on the blog. Well, this week we reached our two-hundredth with our Monday post. (This is post number two hundred and two!) That’s an awful lot of posts!

We did a special post for our hundredth one, Stef and I talking, well, typing, about our favourite blog moments. So, I thought I would do something similar again.

It took us four months to make our first hundred posts, but nearer six to make the next hundred as we settled into our current posting pattern.

So, what have been my blogging highlights from our last hundred posts?

– All our little milestones have been fabulous. Every thousand views we still get a bit excited. Our last milestone was 26,000 (just this week!) and we’ve also smashed our daily view record  it’s now 301(!) as of July 2nd.

The moment we hit 300 views in one day

The moment we hit 300 views in one day

– The post I enjoyed writing most was probably one I did last week on The Circus of Adventure. It’s one of my favourite Blyton books and I could have rambled on forever about it. As it was I listed endless favourite moments from it!

– My other favourite posts to write were the two I did on making Blyton-y crafts. It was my first attempts at writing anything of a ‘how-to’ nature, and I rather enjoyed it. I may have to find some new craft projects just so I can write about them.

– I was excited when we welcomed some new contributor, namely Francis (Stef and I had to badger him over lunch on the Society day out in Beckenham!) who’s penned a couple of great blogs for us, and I hope he will send more!

– My favourite contributor’s blog would probably be either Corinna’s Confessions of a Blyton Fan, or Francis’ Confessions of a Blyton Addict. What can I say, it’s good to know I’m not alone!

– My other highlights would be every time I see a new comment popping up on the blog and I get to read the lovely things people say about what we’ve written. We can always rely on Francis, Pete and Chrissie for that!

– I’ve had a look at what’s been the most popular of our last 100 posts, and I’m pleased ( and very surprised) to say it was something I wrote! When people search for Blyton, what are they looking for? is the most viewed of our last hundred, followed by Julian’s News part four,  and part five, both by Stef.

– And finally, I had a fabulous time when I went down to London and Reading, spending Blyton-y time with Stef and some of the forumites. All in the name of research for the blog of course! The perfect excuse for a wander around the gardens at Old Thatch.


Stef on our trip to Old Thatch in June

And there we have it, a short but sweet look at our last hundred posts. Here’s to another hundred posts (it’ll be Stef’s turn to write a post when we reach three hundred!)

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading the posts as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them and putting them up for you.

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