Monday in Scotland

It’s Monday and as the title suggests I am in Scotland, annoying Fiona, and having some fun. On Thursday we’re off to Newcastle to visit the Enid Blyton exhibition at Seven Stories, so hopefully next week we’ll have a blog for you about that.

So this week we have a blog from Corinna about her recent trip to Bourne End (with me) and I hope you’ll all love her account of a good day out!

From me I shall be hopefully supplying you with the blog I promised you last week about looking into book that claim “If you like Enid Blyton, you’ll love this!”

Fiona is not sure what she might do this week, but she may hit on some inspiration while we’re out and about.

Well that’s it for Monday’s post! Hope you’re looking forward to the blogs this week. I shall leave you with a few pictures I took when Fiona took me walking up the Sidlaws today. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to Monday in Scotland

  1. Ilsa says:

    Lovely pics Stef. Looking at the toad you’re obviously more of a Philip Mannering than a Dinah!


  2. Francis says:

    Brilliant photos (as usual) Stef – have a lovely time with Fiona in Bonnie Scotland. Don’t forget
    to wrap up warm!


  3. Sarah (Spitfire) says:

    Great photos as usual – looks like you had a lovely bright day for your walk. Hope you both enjoy yourselves at Seven Stories on Thursday. If you’re allowed, take lots of photos! (Not that either of you need a prompt!…) 🙂


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