Last Monday in November

Well, I’ve no idea where November went. I think for me it disappeared in a blur of working extra shifts and not getting any Christmas shopping done (oops!)

There’s that dreaded C-word. It’s a month to Christmas now, so you’ll potentially see a few Christmassy blogs going up soon (or if you can’t wait then you can check out some from last year like my review of The Christmas Book, or Stef’s winter and Christmas reads. There are some seasonal poems from then too, about Santa Claus, Christmas Parties and the nativity scene.

This week we’ll be putting up the latest chapter of Poppy’s fan fic, and Stef will be surprising us with something, even I don’t know what. I’m not too sure what I will be writing yet either, I might look at the next Amelia Jane book, or I might finally start on the long-promised eBay blog.

I’ll leave you with a few photos I took on my walk yesterday, along the old Dundee-Newtyle railway

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2 Responses to Last Monday in November

  1. Francis says:

    Looking forward to these, Fiona.. Thanks for all your hard work. Your photos (like Stef’s) are always so good – wish I could do as well! Good luck with your Xmas shopping.


  2. chrissie777 says:

    Fiona, I will check out last year’s Christmas posts. Great idea to put in links for them in the text.


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