The Missing Papers: A St Andrews Adventure, chapter 7

Here’s chapter seven of The Missing Papers: A St Andrews Adventure to go with St Andrews day which was yesterday in Scotland!

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Hope you enjoy this latest instalment.

Chapter 7

The sky was a steely grey colour as they walked through campus, and the wind was cold just as David had predicted. They walked briskly across the campus to keep warm; many other students were doing the same, not wanting to be outside in the cold for longer than they needed to be. If it hadn’t been for the fact that David’s bag broke they wouldn’t have noticed the odd thing that happened over by the library. As they walked through the courtyard, where the side entrance to the library was, the strap on David’s bag snapped from the weight of all the books he had been carrying around. David groaned as the books and paper tumbled on to the floor as the bag tipped backwards.

“I told you not to carry all those books around with you!” Julian said as he bent down to try and stop some of David’s notes flying away.

“I know I know,” David said sighing as he fell to his knees and began scrambling for the bits of paper that had gone flying. Darrell and Sally set to work rescuing the bits of paper that had been caught by a draft and were headed for freedom across the quadrangle.  David was busy trying to shuffle the papers he had caught into a manageable pile when a movement by the library caught his eye. He nudged Julian and nodded along the corridor.

“Look!” he said quietly still wrestling with his paper. “That’s the second person we’ve seen sneaking around today,” he added as he knelt on his work and started to inspect the damage done to his bag. Julian followed David’s nod and frowned at the person moving around in the shadows by the library door. The person seemed to be pacing, and Julian was almost sure that he could hear muttering over the whistling of the wind. He could have almost believed that the muttering wasn’t even English. Julian tried to quell the urge to go and investigate, by pulling out some of the books David had in his bag.

“Why have you got this one?” he asked holding up the thickest volume of the set. “You know the professor said we didn’t have to bring it with us unless he told us we needed it.”

David looked embarrassed. “I just thought that if we were going to do some work after class that I’d need it,” he said, shrugging as he secured the paper in his bag.

Julian pursed his lips. “You are aware that the library has a copy aren’t you?” he asked wryly. David sent Julian a sarcastic smile in return. Darrell and Sally appeared at that moment, various papers in hand.

“Here you are,” Darrell said handing them over to David who took them gratefully. “I think we got all of them, at least all the ones that were still in the quadrangle.”

“I don’t think any of them managed to get any further,” Sally added smiling a little. “I hope you’ve not lost anything,” she added quietly.

David shook his head. “I don’t appear to,” he said sorting out the books, trying to work out which ones he would have to carry. Julian stood up as David sorted his books, and looked over to where the figure had been pacing around outside the door to the library. The figure was still there, but there was less pacing now, and the glow of the end of a cigarette could be seen burning brightly in the gloom. Julian looked down to see how David was getting on and then when he looked back at the door, the figure was on the move towards them.

Julian tried to get it out of his mind that this was someone who was up to no good. There could be plenty of reasons why someone was hanging about in the gloom, but his inquiring mind couldn’t come up with anything that was completely innocent. He watched the movement in the gloom carefully as the person headed towards the better light. He was surprised to see Anthony heading towards them, tucking something into his inside coat pocket. Julian frowned a little, actions like that to him meant that there was something funny going on.

Anthony looked around as he moved into the stronger light. He spotted Julian, but not David, who was still on the floor sorting out his books where Darrell and Sally were shielding him from Anthony’s view. He gave Julian a little salutation as he walked down the other side of the courtyard and a strange wooden smile. Julian nodded back to him in acknowledgment and watched him walk away.

“What’s the matter Ju?” Darrell asked nudging him as she saw his face. “You look completely puzzled.”

“You do rather,” David said straightening up some of his books in his arms and his sealed rucksack hanging over one shoulder.

“Oh, it was probably nothing,” Julian said shaking his head a little and looking towards his friends and giving them a slightly uneasy smile. “Just my overactive imagination I suspect,” he said before looking at the books David was now carrying.

“Please tell me you haven’t been carrying all of those around with you all day?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Well, yes I have actually,” David said awkwardly. “They just got left in there from yesterday I suppose.”

Julian chuckled a little at this.

“How can you forget to take books that heavy out of your bag?” Darrell asked trying not to laugh.

“Well I didn’t realise how heavy it was until we were half way down the road to our lecture,” David said looking a little embarrassed. “And if I’d gone back at that point I would have been late!”

Julian shook his head and slapped David on the shoulder as they turned and headed down the corridor towards the campus exit.

“I’m surprised you didn’t break your back carrying that little lot,” Julian said with a grin. “They are all very heavy textbooks on their own, let alone together.”

David shrugged. “It wasn’t so bad. When you’ve had to carry camping gear on your back up a hill, then you don’t notice how heavy things are after that.”

Julian nodded in agreement. “I suppose you have a point,” he allowed, grinning.

“Has anyone ever told you two that you are very strange?” Darrell asked as Sally chuckled to herself.

“Only you,” Julian said laughing at Darrell.

“About twice a day,” David added with a grin as they walked out of the main gate and started down the road to the boy’s halls.

Darrell laughed at the boys. “Well someone has to let you know how strange you really are,” she said smugly, linking her arm though Sally’s as they walked.

“Yes I think it would be unfair if you were just unleashed into the world without a small idea of how strange you really are,” Sally said smirking, sharing a wink with Darrell.

“Well I didn’t really think that we were that bad, did you Ju?” David asked pretending to be shocked. He had seen the wink between the two girls and was happy to play along.

Julian laughed and shrugged. “Well no I didn’t think we were that bad, but then these ladies tell us that we’re a little bit strange, so I suppose we must be,” he said with a smirk, walking along the street a little ahead of everyone else his hands in his pockets.

Soon they were in sight of St Salvator’s halls and the boys were unsure whether it would be a good idea for the girls to come into the halls with them.

“You’re more than welcome to come in with us, as we spend so much time over at your halls, but just so you’re aware some of the language used in there might be a little rougher than that you’re used to,” David said awkwardly, adjusting the books in his arms.

“We shouldn’t be long if you did want to wait into the lobby. It might be the safest place in there.” Julian said with a grin. Sally and Darrell looked at each other.

“It would be nice to just have a quick nosey around your halls,” Darrell said with a slight grin, “And I don’t much fancy standing around here in the cold,” she added meaningfully.

“Well in that case you’d better come in with us then,” David said with a grin at Julian. “I don’t know how tidy your room is Ju, but mine definitely isn’t in any state to receive company.”

“Well mine’s probably not much better, but having seen your room I suspect mine is the lesser of two evils,” Julian said teasing David. “So if you ladies don’t mind walking up an extra two flights of stairs I can offer you a very brief tour of St Salvator’s dormitories and somewhere safe to sit for a few minutes.”

“Well as long as we’re not intruding,” Sally said almost awkwardly as the boys led the way up to their front door.

“Well we did offer,” David said grinning. “Don’t worry about it Sally. Usually bringing girls back to the halls is only not allowed at night. As its late afternoon, you’re not breaking any rules.”

“Still, I wouldn’t let the senior resident see you,” Julian said with a smirk.

The girls looked at the boys in earnest, trying to work out whether they were joking. From the look that passed between the boys they weren’t.

Julian and David both knew that it wouldn’t matter to their senior resident if there were girls in the building during the day, but he was a flirt. David wasn’t so sure that bumping into Matthew was a bad thing, but Julian seemed determined to keep the girls away from him.

David tried to hold back a smirk as he remembered the way Julian acted towards Sally at times. As the boys led the girls through the corridors to the stairs, Sally and Darrell were looking around in interest.

“It doesn’t smell as bad as I thought it was going to,” Darrell said with a smirk. “I was expecting a stronger smell of damp socks,” she teased. “Alicia once told me that she never went anywhere near her brothers’ bedrooms because of the smell of damp socks after they came in from playing sports,” Darrell explained to a puzzled Sally.

“I was going to ask why you thought it would smell of damp socks,” Sally said shaking her head. “As last time I checked, Darrell Rivers, you hadn’t acquired an older brother,” she added with a laugh, though there was a little spike of jealousy at the mention of Alicia.

David peeled off on the second floor to go to his own room and Julian continued to lead the girls up two more flights of stairs.

“Apologies that it’s a bit more of a walk, but at the moment the last place you want to see is David’s room,” Julian said over his shoulder with a grin on his face.  “Don’t worry it doesn’t smell, it’s just with all this work we’ve been given he’s not exactly had chance to tidy up after himself.”

“I’m sure he’s going to appreciate you telling us that!” Darrell said with a laugh as they reached Julian’s floor.

“And I suppose that you being superman, you’ve managed to do all your work and keep your room spic and span?” Sally asked with a trace of sarcasm in her voice as Julian held open the big door for them.

Julian gave Sally a sarcastic smile back. “Not really. I think I just tend to be a little tidier in the first place,” he said mildly as he pulled the key to his room out of his pocket. He led the girls half way down the corridor.

“There’s not an awful lot of room in here,” he said apologetically as he stepped into his room and clicked the light on. “It’s a room to sleep in though,” he said with a laugh as he put his bag down.

“If you ladies would like to make yourselves comfortable for the time being while I go and check the notice board, I’ll be right back,” Julian said wishing he’d remembered to check it on the way up to his room.

Sally and Darrell smiled at him as Julian turned around and went back out of the room. Darrell chuckled to herself, pulling her scarf from around her neck and unbuttoning her coat.

“It’s quite warm in here,” Darrell remarked as Sally went to the window to look out at the view.

“You can see the sea from here,” Sally said quietly. “Oh how I miss being able to see it out any window I look out of,” she said turning and smiling at Darrell wistfully.

Darrell laughed and joined Sally at the window being very careful not to disturb the bedside table. “I’m sure if you ask Julian very nicely you might be able to persuade him to swap rooms,” Darrell teased Sally, also enjoying the view from the window very much. The sea was a greyish colour and looked choppy.

“Darrell Rivers!” Sally exclaimed taking a step back and putting her coat over the desk chair.

“Well it’s either you ask him to swap with us, or you see if he’ll let you move in with him!” Darrell teased her best friend. Sally shook her head, going bright red and sitting down in the chair.

“Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?” Sally asked shaking her head. “You sound like you should be Alicia!” she added with a laugh, trying to make it sound as carefree as she could.  Darrell looked at Sally a little unsure on how to proceed with this conversation when something caught her eye out of the window.

“Look out there,” Darrell said pulling Sally to the window and pointing to the field out behind St Salvator’s  halls. “Surely they’re not walking along the cliff top!”

Sally looked where Darrell was pointing and pursed her lips, pulling aside the curtain that was just in front of her to get a better look.

“It looks like it might be,” Sally allowed carefully. “Why is it strange that someone would be walking across the cliff top though?” she asked Darrell, unsure of the point that Darrell was trying to make.

“Well the wind is rather blustery outside in the town, but think what it must be like up on those cliffs!” Darrell said earnestly, her eyes wide. “Remember what it was like the night Mary-Lou got blown over the cliff was like? It was a miracle she was able to hold on for so long!” [1]

“You do have to remember that Mary-Lou was very little anyway,” Sally said sensibly, “she was always going to go over the cliff in that weather!” She looked at Darrell and then back to the figure moving across the cliff top.

“A big strong boy like that probably won’t get blown over the edge of the cliff,” Sally said as Julian came back into his room.

“Who’s getting blown over a cliff?” he asked with a slightly worried grin on his face.

“Darrell just saw someone walking over by the side of the cliff, near the old castle ruins.” Sally said with a laugh. “We were just trying to decide if he would get blown over the side of the cliff.”

“That is a morbid thought,” Julian said with a grin as he reached for a bag at the end of his bed.

“Do you have rugby tonight then?” Darrell asked as Julian dumped the bag on the bed and moved over to his chest of drawers.

“Yes,” Julian said as he opened the drawer with his kit in. “I didn’t think it would be cancelled but it was best to check,” he said with a grin as he pulled out a clean rugby jersey and stuffed it into the bag.

The girls smiled and stayed by the window keeping out of Julian’s way as he got his rugby kit ready. There was a knock on the door a few moments later and David stuck his head around the door.

“So you found your kit under all that mess then?” Julian said with a laugh.

David smiled sarcastically at him. “Oh very funny,” he said putting his own bag down by the door.

“Don’t forget it’s there,” Julian said with a laugh. “You don’t want to run half way back here because you’ve forgotten it.”

“You make me sound like I’m a complete idiot!” David said sounding astonished. He looked at the girls and then back at Julian raising an eyebrow as if to ask why they were standing there.

“Are you two glued to that window?” Julian asked with a laugh after shrugging at David by way of a response.  Sally and Darrell laughed a little at his remark.

“No,” Sally said moving away from the window and grinning at the boys. “Just seemed like a good place to stand while you two sorted yourselves out. It’s not like you’ve got a spare chair in here Julian.”

“You could have always sat on the bed!” Julian pointed out shaking his head in disbelief as David laughed.  Sally and Darrell looked at each other and then back at the boys with identical expressions of disbelief.

“Anyway,” Sally said eventually. “I think we should head back towards campus now if you two clowns have had your fun.”

David and Julian laughed and picked up their bags as the girls headed for the door. The girls followed them out of the halls.

“Do you think anyone would mind if we came and watched you train?” Darrell asked as they were half way back to the campus.

“I shouldn’t think that anyone would mind,” David said shrugging. “Why would you want to come and watch us train though?” he added with a quizzical look.

“Well I’ve never really watched a rugby match,” Darrell said smiling. “And wondered what it would be like,” she said with a smile. Sally was laughing quietly by her side.

“Well it won’t be much like a proper match,” Julian said with a laugh. “But I’m sure we’ll have a short match to keep in practice I suspect.”

“The coach won’t mind as long as you don’t go around cheering when he’s teaching,” Julian said with a wink. “He won’t take kindly to wolf-whistling when you see us in shorts,” he added with a grin. Sally and Darrell had to laugh.

“Guides honour that we won’t whistle at you when you come out of the changing room in your kits,” Sally said feeling a slight heat in her cheeks. She told herself it was down to the brisk pace of the walk and the slight slope as they made their way towards campus.

“Whoever would want to whistle at you two in shorts anyway?” Darrell asked teasingly. “It’s not like you’re that good to look at!” she teased giving the boys a cheeky grin.

Sally wanted to put her head in her hands at Darrell’s boldness. Sally felt certain that being at university had changed Darrell quicker than it had changed her. Darrell’s naturalness was still there and she was the same sensible Darrell underneath but there was something about being around the boys that had brought out the joker in her.

Julian and David pretended to be offended at Darrell’s comment but they were too good natured to take her words to heart. Sally smiled to herself, they were not the kind of people who thought that they were good looking in the first place.

‘Though,’ Sally thought to herself. ‘Neither of them is particularly bad looking.’ She smiled a little as they reached campus.

“I think if we’re going to be sitting outside watching these two train, I’m going to want another layer on and some gloves,” Darrell said to Sally as they ducked inside one of the buildings for warmth.

“We’ll head over when we’ve sorted ourselves out,” Sally said looking at the boys, assuming that they would want to go and change and warm up before training.

“We’ll wait for you after your practice by the changing rooms.” Darrell added as they stopped to go in different directions.

“Wouldn’t you rather we came and found you in the stand?” Julian asked as he swapped his bag from one shoulder to another.

“I think we may get a little cold waiting around for you there if you did,” Darrell said with a chuckle. “We’ll wait by the changing rooms,” she said firmly. “That way you can’t lose us,” she added with a wink.

“Alright, if you insist,” David said with a shrug. “We’ll see you in a bit then,” he added as he and Julian turned to head off to the training pitch.

Darrell and Sally wandered back to their halls in a comfortable silence. Sally made up her mind to take a book with her. It might be Darrell’s idea of fun watching almost grown men running up and down a field in some mud and shorts but she wasn’t sure it was hers. The girls hurried up to their room and started searching for their things.

“Where are my gloves?” Darrell groaned after bending down to look in her bedside drawers.

“I think you put them in with your jumpers.” Sally said as she calmly picked up her book and slipped in her jacket pocket. She was already wearing her scarf and her gloves were in her coat pocket.

“Do we want to make up a flask of cocoa before we go?” Sally asked as she remembered the thermos in her bag. Darrell paused as she rummaged through her drawer to think about this. She weighed up how cold it was outside when they were walking.

“Yes, I think that would be a very good idea,” Darrell said after a moment. She turned and smiled at Sally as her hands closed in on her gloves.

“Found them!”

Sally laughed as she dug her thermos out of her bag. Darrell picked up their jar of cocoa and moved towards the door.

“I’ll do it if you like,” Sally said joining her at the door. “It won’t take long and I’ll need to bring the jar back anyway,” she said with a grin. The girls liked the other girls in their halls but weren’t entirely keen on leaving their food stuffs lying around the kitchen for anyone to use. There was a little cupboard in their room where they put most of their things. It was even cool enough to leave milk for a day or two, but Darrell had pointed out that when winter set in properly they would be able to stand the bottle of milk on the window ledge outside and it would be kept cold enough.

Darrell shrugged and handed Sally the jar of cocoa and held open the door for her to go out of. she closed the door after Sally and took a moment to sit down on her bed and yawned. Darrell knew that she wasn’t really tiring herself out but the work load was enough to tire anyone and she knew she was quite busy really with all the walks that they went on and studying they did.

She was glad that there wasn’t a lot of drinking going on during the week, but at the weekends it was nice to wander down to some little pub in the town and have a quiet drink or two. Except it never turned out to be that quiet, most of the university students had the same idea and most pubs were crowded by the time they left. Darrell however was content with the way things were going. She didn’t spend all of her time with the boys and Sally, having made some good friends in her English lectures. Sally didn’t seem to mind if Darrell got drawn into a conversation with someone else when they were out. The same thing often happened to Sally. Darrell allowed herself another yawn and was quite looking forward to going to bed that evening when Sally came back in, cocoa jar in one hand and thermos in another.

“You look quite dreamy.” Sally said with a smile at her friend. “Were you anywhere nice?” she teased Darrell gently.

Darrell shook her head and laughed. “No, I was just thinking about our time here,” she said truthfully. “It’s been good so far.”

“Let’s hope it continues to be.” Sally said with a laugh. She gave Darrell’s arm a squeeze. “Shall we head over to the training ground then? You can fill me in on your sudden interest in rugby while we walk.” Sally said with a chuckle as she moved over to the door.

Darrell smiled at her friend and followed her out of the room. “I just felt it was worth seeing what all the fuss about it is,” she said with a grin. She locked the door behind her and turned to link her arm with Sally’s. The two friends walked at a leisurely pace out of the building and headed down to the playing fields.

“I wonder when we’ll have our first lacrosse match,” Darrell said conversationally as they walked, huddling together a little against the wind.

“That is if we make the team.” Sally reminded her. “There are some excellent players at practice. Some of those girls have been on teams before.”

Darrell nodded as they reached the audience stand overlooking the pitch. The girls made their way through the corridors until they reached the seats. There were a few other people there who had decided to come and watch a practice, most likely because it was a break from studying.  Sally and Darrell took some seats half way up the stand and settled down as best they could in the cold seats.

Down on the pitch the boys were going through a warm up before their practice. There were quite a few of them there today and the coach was muttering something about having a game to see if the boys could put their training into practice. There were a little over thirty boys there this evening, which would mean they could play even sides.

After a few warm up exercises the coach divided the boys into teams and to their surprise, Julian and David ended up on the same side. Julian took stock of the other team and noted that Thomas Ainsworth was on the other side and smirking in rather a disconcerting fashion. Julian shook his head and turned his attention to the captain and his game tactics.

The game was soon underway fast and furious, so fast in fact that Julian wasn’t sure he could remember which side was winning. One thing he was aware of however was that Thomas was keeping very close by, watching his every move. Julian was a fast runner but trying to outrun Thomas to catch the passes that he was being thrown was seriously tiring him out. Thomas was fast.

They were coming to the end of the first half when Julian had the ball, as far as he could see he had a good run for the touch line. Carefully keeping an eye for any obstruction and a clear pass to a team mate, he didn’t notice Thomas coming at him from his side.

Julian was just suddenly aware of the ball leaving his hands and then being side down in the mud. A few seconds later he was aware of a pain in his shoulder. The scrum piled on top of him Thomas’ bulk weighing heavily on him. He managed to throw his hands up around his head trying to curl up to minimise the damage. The pain in his shoulder growing more insistent as he did so. As the scrum moved off of him and towards the ball, Julian tried to get to his feet but the pain stopped him.

The whistle went for half time and David came running over, out of breath and covered in mud.

“Are you alright?” he asked offering Julian a hand to get up. “Ainsworth tackled you with an almighty force!” Julian tried to reach out for David’s helping hand but his shoulder protested.

“Not really,” he said looking grim. His mouth was set in a determined line to try and hide the pain, but his  face was white. “It’s my shoulder.” Julian’s shoulder appeared to be a funny shape as both boys looked at it.

“Kirrin!” yelled the coach advancing on the two boys. “What’s the matter?”

“Not sure, Sir.” Julian said carefully. “My shoulder hurts,” he said, trying to sound as though it was nothing in particular. The coach studied his face carefully; he noted the whiteness of Julian’s face and the wince of pain every now and again when he tried to move.

“Off to the san for you I think Kirrin. Morton, give him a hand. You’ve probably just pulled something,” said the coach. David pulled a face as the coach went back to the rest of the team.

“Somehow I don’t think he’d be sending you to the san if you’d just pulled a muscle,” David muttered as he made to pull Julian up. “Anyway he clearly saw how hard Ainsworth tackled you.” Julian didn’t say much, the pain of standing up was the only thing he could concentrate on at the moment.

Somehow, though neither boy was really sure how, without too much pain on Julian’s part they managed to get him on his feet.

[1] See Second Term at Malory Towers- By Enid Blyton

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