Two Mondays till Christmas

So we’re almost at Christmas, and things are getting busy! But before we’re too bogged down in the idea of Christmas, I hope you will join me in wishing Fiona a very Happy Birthday for yesterday!

This week Fiona will continue looking at the textual changes between different editions of Five on a Treasure Island. Our Wednesday contributor, after a long absence, is Ben with Three Cheers for the Secret Seven.

As for me? Well I have several options, and I’m not sure at the moment, so I’m afraid it will be a surprise for us all!

This week, I’m treating you to a few pictures of the moon, some orchids and red kites.

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5 Responses to Two Mondays till Christmas

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Dear Fiona, I hope you accept my best birthday wishes here in your blog as I haven’t been in the forum for weeks…pre-xmas stress :).
    May this coming year fulfill all your small and big wishes. And most of all stay healthy and happy!

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

    from Chrissie


  2. chrissie777 says:

    I’m looking forward to read all about the textual changes in “Five on a Treasure Island” which is my second favorite of all Blyton books.
    Once xmas will be over, I’ll start reading the “Secret Seven” in chronological order. I have basically no remembrance left of this series, read it in my twenties and only once.

    Stef, those red kites pics are beautiful!
    How many times did I try on vacations at the Cornwall or Dorset coast to take such pics from seagulls, but they usually come out blurry, because they are in motion.
    What is your secret?


  3. Francis says:

    Love your Red Kite photos – how lucky you are to have so many near you. Going to buy Izzy a camera for xmas – must look for a good one but easy to use!


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