Last Monday before Christmas

Eep, yes we really are that close to Christmas now, so I hope you’ve got everything nearly ready by now!

Wednesday is Christmas day, so we won’t be putting up a contributor post this week, though there will most likely be a short Christmas message from us instead. Stef plans to give you another chapter of The Missing Papers, and I’m anticipating getting a new Blyton book as a present, which I can then review! (Or if I’m lucky enough to get several Blyton-y things, I may do a show-and-tell.)

Between work and Christmas prep, I’ve not managed to get out for any walks this month, so I’ll just a few photos from what I have done (and PS all of these were taken on my iPhone hence the poorer than usual quality!)

And with that done; roll on Christmas!

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1 Response to Last Monday before Christmas

  1. Francis says:

    Thank you Fiona and many thanks for your and Stef’s hard work and also for the other very
    talented contributors. I wish you all a lovely Xmas and New Year.


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