Merry Christmas, Everyone & Christmas News, a poem by Enid Blyton

Christmas has come at last, so we hope you all have a lovely time. We’re sure you’ll all be too busy with presents, crackers and food to be browsing the internet but we’ve popped up a cute Blyton poem for you in case you happen to be online.

Christmas News

Some people say that Santa Claus
Has given up his sleigh because
His reindeer, though they’re very fleet,
In these days can’t really compete
With all the aeroplanes that fly
By day and night about the sky.
The reindeer get a dreadful scare
When aeroplanes rush through the air
And nearly bump into the sleigh;
It makes them want to run away.
So Santa Claus has bought a ‘plane
And now when Christmas comes again
I shouldn’t be surprised a bit
To see him come in a flying kit.
Roaring through the starry sky,
A Christmas twinkle in his eye.

Underneath his ‘plane it’s said,
Holly sprigs with berries red
Are painted very clear and bright,
And so, my dears, on Christmas night
I’m going to keep a sharp look-out,
To see if Santa’s ‘plane’s about.

And if I really saw it – ooh!
I would be happy – wouldn’t you?

We hope santa’s sleigh or plane has brought you lots of lovely Blytony goodies and we’ll see you on Friday for our regularly scheduled post!

Here’s a few pictures of my house late on Christmas Eve, all ready for Santa’s arrival.


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1 Response to Merry Christmas, Everyone & Christmas News, a poem by Enid Blyton

  1. Francis says:

    Thank you Fiona – a Merry Xmas to you and thanks for lovely poem. Just about to consume our Xmas meal!


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