The Famous Five TV Series: Even More (Funny) Captions

The captions I put on a fortnight ago seemed to go down well so I thought I would put some more on this week (as I couldn’t think of anything else to do!)

Firstly, carrying on from last week’s leaning theme, a caption featuring the one moment in the 90s series that never fails to make Stef and I cringe. I watch it from between my fingers if I can even look at all. (It’s in Five Go to Billycock Hill part one, in case you need advanced warning – ta Stef for reminding me which ep it was.)

StarjumpsoneAnd also related to that awful, un-Julian-like moment:

star jumps

I know Dick is braver than this, but hey, it’s captioning, doesn’t have to be true to life.


All the captions I’ve put up so far have been old ones, some slightly edited, but this one I did tonight especially for this blog. Aren’t you just so honoured?

beach - Copy

The clothes give us endless joy, particularly Dick’s range of patterned pull-overs. Stef and I even have a ‘favourite’, a very dubious honour. It’s this one:

Not sure why, but this one's our favourite. Or at least it's mine!

Not sure why, but this one’s our favourite. Or at least it’s mine! Stunning.

And talking of Famous Five fashion, a treat for the 70s series fans, (eagle eyed readers may have noticed I dropped the ’90s’ from the blog title, this is why!) Julian’s lovely jacket. (Dick has one too, I prefer the black to the brown actually, but Julian wears his more.) I don’t know why I like this jacket so much as I’m no fan of the updated 70s fashions in the series, but I do. Seeing it makes me happy.

jacketjuSo, hope you liked these captions too (though I know I’ve drifted from true captions in a couple of place. And used far too many brackets probably. Sorry.) And maybe some day there will be more, as I have a host of screen shots just waiting to be made even funnier.

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6 Responses to The Famous Five TV Series: Even More (Funny) Captions

  1. Agnes says:

    That’s my favorite of Dick’s pullovers as well! LOL!


  2. Pete says:

    Dick’s pullover,your favourite one,made me think that somewhere out there there must be a teapot missing a tea-cosy!
    Great Captions too by the way!


  3. Cathy says:

    I love these caption articles, they really make me laugh! I’d love to see new ones every week!! 😀

    I quite often have my 90s series on in the background while I’m doing the housework or something and I’m always catching sight of funny scenes and moments that I always think would make great caption pictures, so it’s fab to see these here!

    Paul and Marco’s faces in the ‘script’ photo are priceless, hehe.
    I love Dick’s pullovers! 😀

    And yes – Julian’s star jumps make me cringe as well – poor old Marco must want to disappear into the sofa whenever he sees that again, haha! 😀


  4. Francis says:

    Have you ever thought of writing your own TV version, Fiona – it would be a hoot!


  5. Hayley says:

    Oh my gosh, I really found it funny doing star jumps for a punishment if it was me I would only do three (I would get someone be involved and do it for me). I love someone that can do really funny star jumps. Julian’s star jumps is real funny I wish I can see Julian doing star jumps. Interesting information.


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