Lazy Monday

Well as you all know Fiona has been down, staying with me this week. We haven’t been too exciting, because we’ve had such lovely weather we’ve just wanted to relax in it. However we have been to see Jemima Rooper in Blithe Spirit which was fantastic! (It closes on the 7th June so if you want to see it, now is the time.) If you wish to refresh your memory of our interview with Jemima, click here!

We also went to Old Thatch today, at Bourne End and spent a gloriously sunny afternoon, the kind of May day that Blyton herself could conjure up! We had a lovely piece of cake at the tea room, and a wonderful wander around the exciting garden. Not to mention a lovely chat with Jacky Hawthorne, who owns Old Thatch. You too can visit the garden! They are open from now until the end of August Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon, 2pm til 5:30pm. Click here to plan your visit now!

Now on to our blogs for this week! Fiona is hedging her bets as to what she will write this week as she has a busy week in front of her (she leaves me on Tuesday *sob*, and then plunges straight back into work on Wednesday!) So she might favour us with her account of our day at Old Thatch, the books she found when we went book shopping in Alton, or another couple of chapters of changes from the First Term at Malory Towers. We shall have to see how tired she feels!

Our contributor this week, shall be Poppy with the next chapter of The Marsh of Adventure. I bet you all can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

I don’t know what I’ll do either this week. I might get around to reading one of my new Blytons; I have a copy of Smuggler Ben now which looks exciting to read, or the next book in the St Clare’s series The O’Sullivan Twins.  I also got the Famous Five Diary, so I might take a look at that for you. Otherwise, you might be in for another chapter of The Missing Papers, but as it’s all rather thrilling at the moment, I hope you wouldn’t mind too much!

Just quickly in our blog news, we’re almost at 59,000 hits, so go us and almost at 900 comments! Anyway, for now, that’s all I think. I shall leave you with some pictures taken today at Old Thatch (unedited! Eeek!) I hope you enjoy them!



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