Monday afternoon is still Monday

Oops. So I forgot about the Monday post, again. This is becoming a habit. At least this one didn’t become a Tuesday post though.

This week we’ll be putting up the latest chapter of Poppy’s Adventure series fic – The Marsh of Adventure and I intend to watch Five Go Mad on Mescalin and then write about what I thought of it. Stef isn’t sure what she’s going to do, either another review or she might bake something and put up the recipe.

I can’t say we’ve got any news on the blog this week, because we don’t!

I’ve taken a lot of photos in the past week or so, so I’ll try and just put up a small selection to show you where I’ve been and the sort of things I’ve seen.


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2 Responses to Monday afternoon is still Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Hi Fiona,

    Such beautiful pictures again. Thank you!
    I’m interested in that cave. How far inside can you walk? Where is it located?
    And are there more caves in Scotland?


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