Monday, Monday, Monday

Monday again, in fact it’s already the second week in September, this year seems to be slipping by at such a rate.

I don’t think we have any blog news this week, so I shall just get on with telling you which blogs we will be bringing you this week.

Fiona will be doing the next chapter of her Secret Island comparison, so we all have that to look forward to, and we shall be putting up the next chapter of Cathy’s Rosewood Mystery fic on Wednesday.

So that just leaves me, and I think its now well established that I’m not very good at keeping to what I say I will write for you. It could be anything is truth be told, either another recipe or a TV series comparison, or even an audio book review (I have a few that Fiona doesn’t have and she has kindly said I’m allowed to review them occasionally).

So you’ll hopefully be surprised next Sunday!

Anyway, just to remind you all, that Fiona and I are doing a 30 Day Photo Challenge over on our other blog Two Points of View, so don’t forget to drop in and have a look at our pictures (click on the pictures on the main page to get a better look). We shall be adding a photo every day in September, so come and tell us what you think!

I shall leave you with some of my pictures from more recent times.

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