Aunt Fanny’s Special Tomato Soup from Five Have Plenty of Fun by Helen at Novelicious

I was just thinking it was time for another reblog to bring you something new from around the web, and then today I happened to stumble upon another smashing Blytonain recipe on the Novelicious blog.


Berta, for the sake of her safety and the top secret scientific research, will come and stay with the Famous Five to hide away from potential threats. She will have her hair cut short and dress like a boy. It is a foolproof plan. Or is it?

Berta arrives by boat, in the dead of night. Profoundly seasick, Aunt Fanny removes the bundles of clothes she has on, gets her ready for bed, and heats up some homemade tomato soup. Soup which Dick had declared earlier in the day to be Aunt Fanny’s special tomato soup, with real tomatoes. Berta feels better immediately and sleeps well.


It’s getting nice and Autumnal out there so soup’s just the ticket to warm you up I think. I might give this one a go myself as I made some nice mushroom soup yesterday and it turned out quite well.


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