Middle of the Month Monday Post

So we’re part way through the month, and all that bit closer to Christmas, oh dear, say I! Just when I want to be curling up with good books, it’s time to get busy!

Anyway, this week, we have another chapter of Cathy’s smashing story on Wednesday and Fiona is treating us to Well Done, Noddy! on Friday. This week I shall either bring you a review of the next St Clare’s book or the pictures from my adventure to filming locations from the 1990’s Famous Five TV series.

So with that said, and I don’t think that there is any more news to tell, I shall leave you with some of my pictures from my holiday two weeks ago.


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2 Responses to Middle of the Month Monday Post

  1. Francis says:

    So spooky, Stef. Quite gothic in character and very atmospheric. Well done!


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