Last Monday in November

And with that, the month is already gone. Before we know it it will be December! It’s certainly cold enough much of the time to be winter already, even if it’s not. I will have to start my Christmas shopping soon (oh how envious I am of all those people that announce they’re already done!)

The blog will stay a Christmas-free zone for another week though, apart from those brief mentions. On Wednesday I’m planning to use the nifty reblogging feature to share some different content with you (and showcase another blogger’s work), and then on Friday there I will be examining the text of The Island of Adventure Again. Stef is planning to read and review the next St Clare’s book for Sunday (Second Form at St Clare’s).

I’ll end with a few photos from the past week – some from my walks around Dundee and a few from Manchester where I was at the weekend, seeing a distinctly un-Blytony band.

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2 Responses to Last Monday in November

  1. chrissie777 says:

    I particularly like the heart-shaped tombstone and hope you don’t mind that I put it on my timeline on FB.


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