Location, Location, Location: 90’s Kirrin Cottage

A couple of weeks ago, I was on holiday in Somerset, and found myself quite close to a key filming location for the 90’s Famous Five TV series. Now as you know I am a BIG fan of this series and couldn’t resist pulling my poor Dad along to the location for a day out.

The place where they filmed Kirrin Cottage, Kirrin Village and a bridge into a wood during Five Fall Into Adventure, is called Bossington, and it is right on the edge of Exmoor national park, not far from the castle and medieval village of Dunster. We arrived rather late in the day, at an impromptu stop at Dunster for a look around and lunch in the charming “Victorian Tea Rooms” there.

Anyway these are some of the pictures I took of the Village and the cottage, and the coast a little further up! I hope you like them!

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5 Responses to Location, Location, Location: 90’s Kirrin Cottage

  1. Pete says:

    Great pic Stef.The cottage looks unchanged!
    I’m currently staying on a farm in Carmarthenshire that’s just like Finniston Farm!
    The owner has baked us a large scrumptious Sponge Cake with cream and raspberry filling,left us home laid eggs,milk,butter and won’t take a penny extra for them!
    Best Wishes



  2. chrissie777 says:

    Stef, I envy you!
    I’ve been to Dunster because of the very old Jacobean market hall, but didn’t visit the castle. This was more than 10 years before the 1990’s FF TV series was made (which is also my favorite).
    Thank you for the gorgeous pics. I will certainly put Bossington on my list for a future trip to the UK.


  3. zanyzigzag says:

    Oh my goodness this is so close to where I grew up! I love Dunster and have visited the castle many times – but I had no idea of the Famous Five connection! When I was at school we even did some of our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh trips near there – Bossington Hill is SO tough to climb, it’s ridiculously steep!
    Would definitely recommend the area to visit, there’s even a steam railway you can go on – did you see that Stef?


  4. Francis says:

    Wonderful photos, as usual, Stef. I almost expected Aunt Fanny, Uncle Quentin and the children (and Timmy) to come out of the door. I wonder if you did too!
    Thank you so much.


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