Well it’s Monday all over again. We’ve had snow in Scotland over the past week, and it’s been very very cold. The best thing about the cold weather though is it gives you a good excuse to stay home and read!

We’ll have Poppy’s latest chapter for you on Wednesday, I’ll be reviewing my next Noddy on Friday and Stef will hopefully have finished reviewing Claudine at St Clare’s for Sunday.

We’re still in need of some contributions for the coming weeks and would be very happy to receive anything you feel like writing. It doesn’t have to be a review as we welcome fan fiction, personal experiences, art, poetry, and opinion pieces as long as they are Blyton related.

Despite the cold my camera and I did make it out over the weekend, both days in fact. (I still can’t quite believe I had all weekend off work, but there you have it.) Saturday I walked from Anstruther to Pittenweem (both are fishing villages in Fife) and Sunday I stayed nearer to home and had a wander along a snowy and rather frozen section of the old Dundee-Newtyle Railway.

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1 Response to Monday

  1. Francis says:

    Impressive that you braved the snow, Fiona, – I just hide away from it!


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