Middle of March Monday

We’ll be having another backwards week this week, with Stef taking the Friday post and me doing one for Sunday.

Wednesday I’ll be reblogging a Famous Five recipe for you, on Friday Stef’ll be reviewing another episode of the 90s Famous Five series and on Sunday I’ll be reviewing my next Noddy book.

I wasn’t sure if I would have any photos for my Monday post; so I had planned to just have a look at some of our more amusing search terms of late. In the end I did get some pictures but here are the search terms anyway.

It started out with the innocuous but not quite right summary of famous five on five get together again.

Five Get Together Again

Five Get Together Again

Then we had the inexplicable enid blyton spider malory panties. 

Enid Blyton's Spider Malory Panties

Enid Blyton’s Spider Malory Panties

I wish we knew the answer to did jack marry dinah adventure series? And I hope the searcher who typed julian dick george anne joke luffy andrews found something useful about Five Go Off to Camp.

I’m not sure the person who searched for  billycock five updated there were no cassette players found what they were after though. Likewise  a secret cave word to boys find out about it is a bit too vague perhaps.

And finally, an interesting crossover imagined by someone mr goon famouse five. 

Mr Goon meets the Famous Five

Mr Goon meets the Famous Five

And those were only from the past month!

Resuming normal service now, here are a few photos I took yesterday near Longforgan.

And finally, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Tomorrow just so happens to be Stef’s birthday. Join me in wishing her a happy birthday?

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2 Responses to Middle of March Monday

  1. zanyzigzag says:

    I love the photo of the fallen leaves! Such a gorgeous colour.


  2. Francis says:

    Another Monday races by made all the more pleasurable by your contributions Fiona.
    Many thanks.


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