Monday Muddles

Its Monday again and we have a bit of a problem this week blog wise. That problem being that we do not have a contributor for Wednesday. We have an offer from someone to write something, but we can’t guarantee that.

We shall scour the internet to see if there is anything we can bring you in the meantime, but we ask you to remain patient with us. Or you could always write something for us to go on the blog? We’re always happy to get contributions!

Anyway on to what else we have this week; Fiona is reviewing the Five Get into Trouble audio book. She must be nearing the end of her collection now– we better find her some more to listen to quick!

I shall be attempting another character analysis for Sunday, maybe taking a look into some of the favoured companions of the Famous Five to start off with.

I shall leave you with some pictures I took yesterday when I went for a walk with my friend in Henley Upon Thames. We walked along the riverside mostly, up to the lock and back into town and then a little way along the river in the opposite direction. I do love river walks they always supply different things to take photos of! I hope you like them!

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7 Responses to Monday Muddles

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Such gorgeous pictures! Thank you, Stef. I put Henley on my wish list for trips…those bridges look fascinating. The apple/cherry blossoms (?) are lovely as well.


  2. zanyzigzag says:

    I love the photo of the chain links!


  3. Beautiful photos and now I’m envious and want to go for a walk. If you are stuck for a post for Wednesday you would be welcome to crosspost from my blog. There is a nice guest post about Enid Blyton at you are welcome to use it or anything else you fancy with a link back to my blog. I find writing something new each week gets difficult and I only post once a week.


    • fiona says:

      Thank you for the kind offer Barbara. If our potential contributor is unable to get us something in time we’d be very happy to use something from your lovely blog.


  4. Francis says:

    Stef takes a lovely photo – thanks again for more iconic ones, Stef. If you could see my efforts you would weep (or laugh)!


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