Mid-month Monday

Hello everyone, we’re half way through the month of June today because we have five Mondays in the month.

This week I’m staying with Fiona in Scotland so we’re working on making sure we keep each other on track for blogging.This week we plan to bring you Fiona’s next update reviews from The Island of Adventure, what will she find this week? I hope to start a run of reviews about the Five Find Outers starting with The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage.

As we brought you a wonderful review from Chris last week and he has already sent us another blog to put up, to break it up a bit we shall be doing a reblog on Wednesday.

I haven’t got any pictures for you this week but will make it up to you when I’m back from Scotland. Hope you all have a good  week and like what blogs we mange to bring you!



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2 Responses to Mid-month Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Yes, please post many pics from Scotland in your next blogs.


  2. Francis says:

    Enjoy your Scotland holiday, Stef – give my love to Fiona.


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