Last Monday in June

Here we are at the end of another month, and in fact we’ve had a smashing week here at the blog! Our best ever day happened on the 25th June, when a Spanish food blog El Comidista shared a link to our recipes and we reached an all time high of 653 views in one day! How fabulous is that? Speaking of which, if you’d like to return the favour, El Comidista has lots of fabulous goodies to go and ogle at!

Our best view day since starting the blog

Our best view day since starting the blog

Apart from that we don’t have much more news, apart from the fact that I made it home from Scotland in mostly one piece (I did twist my ankle pretty badly at the beginning of the holiday and at the moment its still bruised, swollen and complaining) but yes, it was a good holiday and lovely to catch up with my Blytonite in crime (or should that be blogging), Fiona.

The only other thing I’ve got to say before I leave you with some pictures is that this week, Fiona and I will be taking a break from blogging. No need to fret, we shall be back next week, but Fiona has a particularly busy week, and my week isn’t much better either. Not to mention I’m no way near geared up and organised enough to write two blogs a week to fill in. So we shall have a break and be back with our usual Monday post next week on the 6th of July.

As this is the first break we’ve taken from the blog in two and a half years, I hope you can forgive us!

Anyway Blytontonians, go out and have some adventures to blog about for us, and we shall see you in a weeks time! For now I shall leave you with some pictures of Monikie Country Park from the first day of my stay.


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1 Response to Last Monday in June

  1. Francis says:

    Well done Stef and Fiona – I think you’ve been absolutely fantastic so enjoy a well deserved break (I am off to my usual July haunt so won’t be viewing anyway for quite a while).
    Many thanks, Francis


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