This week has brought a lot of Blyton-y things into my life (along with rather too much rain for my liking).

Firstly my latest journal arrived from the Enid Blyton Society – #57 Summer 2015 to be precise. In the editorial there’s an interesting tidbit – The Secret Series is to be republished by Hodder early next year but they are skipping The Secret Mountain as it’s too ‘un-pc’. Well you can imagine how I feel about that!

Next I headed to The March House Books shop and took advantage of their closing down sale (65% off everything!). There weren’t any Blytons left that I didn’t already have (I was clearly too slow) but I did get a Malcolm Saville, two Angela Brazils and an adventure tale by Doris Pocock.

After that I bought two books from a fellow forumite – Tales at Bedtime and The Three Golliwogs. I don’t usually go for Dean editions but I couldn’t resist this one even with its scribbled on cover. The original edition is very expensive and often the Dean is too. Probably because it’s so un-pc. The Dean edition has updated their names of course (I think they were Gollie, Wollie and Nigger? originally) but apart from that it’s the same. More recent versions have seen the book become The Three Pixies which is just a bit too far from what Blyton actually wrote for me.

Finally this morning I saw the news (thanks to Stef) that the Hawthornes are selling Old Thatch (take the Blyton details in the article with a pinch of salt as many of them are wrong). It has a hefty price tag of £1.85 million though, so I don’t think I will put an offer in unfortunately.

Anyway, coming up this week on the blog:

06-07 blog (2)

Wednesday is a question mark as we don’t have a contributor this week (unless someone sends us something by Tuesday night?).

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2 Responses to Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Fiona, we shouldn’t give up hope regarding Old Thatch! Who knows maybe the next owner will continue opening it for the public? Too bad the National Trust did not take over.


  2. Francis says:

    Thanks for the all the interesting bits, Fiona – Old Thatch for sale!
    Perhaps we could club together!


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