Five Go Adventuring Again: An exciting audio dramatisation

This is one of the CDs I got free from The Daily Telegraph years ago when they were running a promotion. The only differences between this one and the one that you can buy in the stores is that this only has a paper sleeve and the story is split into two tracks rather than six or so chapters.


This is one of the CDs where the actress playing George has also played Anne on other recordings. This gives the unfortunate side effect of her always sounding like Anne to me – even if she plays George a little more forcefully.

Julian and Dick have the same actors as the audio of Five Go Off to Camp. That means it’s Dick with a bit of a lisp but that never bothers me as I had that as a cassette tape as a kid and listened to it all the time.

Uncle Quentin is very jolly sounding at the start of the story and sounds quite friendly throughout. He rather lacks the snappish tone you expect from a stressed and over-worked scientist.

Mr Roland is fine, he sounds fairly authoritarian without sounding outright evil. If he sounded too much of a baddie it would have given the game away! One of the two artists (revealed to be Mr Thomas) has an accent – I think it’s Australian but I’m pretty bad with accents. It’s a little jarring actually, alongside the other voices. There’s no mention in the books that Mr Wilton or Mr Thomas has any sort of accent.

There’s not a huge cast in this story – there aren’t many characters in the book itself as they’re rather cut off in Kirrin especially once it snows. The only other characters in either the audio or the book are Mr and Mrs Sanders who are appropriately old and friendly sounding.

Timmy has reverted back to being awful unfortunately. If I had listened to these audios in some sort of order I wonder if I would find more of a pattern to the voice actors and Timmy-effects. As it is they seem to jump back and forth and swap around a great deal. It would have been wonderful if the same cast could have recorded all the stories.

Yet again I made some notations which haven’t made it into the blog – purely because I made them to check whether or not they appeared like that in the book and the answers turned out to be yes. It’s funny how listening to some sentences (this time including Anne calling her parents Mummy and Daddy, and Uncle Quentin holding his papers like a precious baby) is enough to make you question them. I then check the book and most of the time I then go ‘oh, so that IS in the book. Huh.’


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1 Response to Five Go Adventuring Again: An exciting audio dramatisation

  1. Francis says:

    What a shame that the Timmy barking is so bad – he is an integral part of this story. Thanks Fiona.


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