First Monday of August

From this week we’re going to have a different posting schedule. Our current one worked just fine for us for the past year or so but at the moment things are very quiet on the contributor front and we’re struggling to fill our Wednesday slot. With that in mind we’ve decided to change things about so that we’ll do our posts on Wednesday and Friday. That gives us the weekend off – though if anybody sends us anything we can post it on a Sunday.

That means this week’s schedule looks like this:



One thing that won’t change is our Monday post complete with our usual photo gallery. This week’s aren’t my latest photos as they’re still on the camera but I’ve been out enough lately to have some others to use.


Not a very spectacular picture but I also saw my very first hare last week (and spent several minutes wondering what on earth it could be):


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1 Response to First Monday of August

  1. Francis says:

    Sounds very sensible, Fiona – all the contributions are really appreciated.


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