Once again another Monday, and another week of blogs for you. It’s a shame we’re not having some wonderful August weather to enjoy the Blytonian picnics I knew we all long for, however, maybe we shall get a chance still.

This week  Fiona will try and get time to review the text changes in The Island of Adventure, she’s hoping to finish the book this week.

I shall be have to be a bit vague as to my choice of blog and hedge my bets a bit. I may get chance to do another cake, chocolate I think this time, or it may be another TV episode, it depends on what I get time for.

This weekend we may be able to give you a little treat as we’ve had a few ideas. Keep your eyes peeled, if we manage it, it will make you laugh.

We have no blog news this week, so I shall leave you with some pictures I took this evening on my walk in my local park, Dinton Pastures.

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2 Responses to Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    The swan and the clouds – just incredible! Thank you, Stef.


  2. Francis says:

    What beautiful photos Stef – you have a great talent to capture the serenity of nature in such a way.


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