Monday Again

Once more we are faced with another Monday and another week of blogs.

This week I am going to try and bring you a cherry cake from a recipe in the Enid Blyton Society Journal. This is a recipe that the woman herself supplied for a book, and I’m hoping to try and replicate. Its a shame that I discovered it just at the end of cherry season! Still I hope I can find some in the supermarkets!

Fiona will surprise us all (and herself I suspect) with a blog this week as she isn’t quite sure what she’ll be doing!

This week I’m leaving you with a few pictures from a walk of mine to a place called Sonning a few weeks ago. These are some of the pictures from the church yard. Hope you like them!


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1 Response to Monday Again

  1. Francis says:

    Love the sound of the cherry cake – I am sure it will be lovely.
    Photos brilliant as usual.


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