I don’t usually mind Mondays all that much, but this Monday I’m back to work after a week off so it is not my favourite day.

I spent a few days in Crieff while I was off and visited the very first (it opened in 1680) free public lending library in Scotland while I was there. And it was amazing. Downstairs was a huge collection of Scottish books donated by an American lady, and upstairs, the original lending collection with works dating back to the 1600s. We were allowed to (under casual supervision from the volunteers) pick up and read anything we wanted to no matter the age of the book. So we flicked through four-hundred-year-old atlases which were amongst the first to show the world in a flat rectangle (the Mercator way), dipped into a manual about child-rearing (you shouldn’t let your children drink hard liquor, and also shouldn’t let girls read frivolous novels apparently), and had a good feel of vellum-bound books. Most of the collection was non-fiction but there was a small side room with the “modern” collection in it – and by modern I mean books from the early 1900s. There were no Blytons unfortunately but I did have a look at some R.M. Ballantyne books (such as The Coral Island), two of the Little Women series and some other children’s works I’d never heard of.

I can thoroughly recommend visiting the Innerpeffray Library if you happen to be in Perthshire.

But anyway, back to this week.


I’ll end on a few photos from Crieff, including from the library. Those ones were taken hurriedly on my phone as I realised at the end of our visit that I had been too busy looking at things to take any photos of them!

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1 Response to Monday

  1. Francis says:

    Thank you Fiona
    Thought it was your library for a moment!
    Sorry not to see you and Stef at Beaconsfield.
    Looking forward to this week’s offerings.


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