The Enid Blyton Magazine

Sorry for not writing the advertised blog, things got away from me a bit today! Anyway I shall be sharing a quick look at the Enid Blyton magazines I recieved from the same source as Fiona did a while back when she  blogged about her recent stash!

I recieved my wonderful copies from the same society member as Fiona, who had offered to split the bundle he had in half with us, which was very kind! Of course we took off the offer as you’ve seen by Fiona’s post, and duly the batch was divided and sent to each of us in turn.

For whatever reason my batch arrived a lot later than Fiona’s, I don’t know why but I’m so glad they came before Christmas. I will probably spend a lot of what little time I have off at Christmas deleving deeply into the wonders these magazines produce.


My Duplicates

My Duplicates

They are a mixture of volumes, and sets, and contain a couple of duplicates. Luckily for me none of the ones I received were copies of the ones I have already got which was quite lucky. I shall be checking with Fiona to see if we can organise a swap of our copies to work out if we can help each other out.  Still its fun to have all these wonderful examples of Blyton’s writing at our finger tips.

As Fiona has already told you, if you can get your hands on some, they are a great addition to any Blyton collection. So check out Fiona’s blog for more exact detail, and get hunting and hinting to loved ones that this is what would make an excellent birthday present (or next year’s Christmas present!). Or even treat yourself… go on, its Christmas!

My New Enid Blyton Magazine COllection

My new Enid Blyton Magazine collection

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1 Response to The Enid Blyton Magazine

  1. Francis says:

    Well done stef – so pleased for you and Fiona. Let us know what Famous Five ones you have. It is always great to see unfamiliar Eileen Soper illustrations.
    Happy Xmas, Francis.


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