My Christmas present round up

This year was one of the poorest for Blyton offerings in my house. In fact the lowest number of my presents to date were Blyton themed.

However, I still have some pieces to share with you, though bar one, they are ones that you will have seen before.

I shall start with the present I bought myself when a copy didn’t turn up in my stocking (not that I’m really complaining– I was spoilt and the irony isn’t lost on me!)

My first present, the one to myself, arrived today and I’m looking forward to having a proper look and a quiet night in to enjoy it. I treated myself to the 2016 Famous Five Annual. As the last two years, the annual has the beautiful Eileen Soper illustration, this time from Five on Finniston Farm on the front, but it has been stuck on top of a fairly garish blue striped background. It doesn’t look too bad but George’s shirt almost blends with the background.

2016 Famous Five Annual

2016 Famous Five Annual

The annual has a range of different things to catch your interest, including a piece on the Famous Five Musical!! It includes new games and some of the short stories, as well as tour around Kirrin and the favourite past times of the Famous Five. I won’t go into everything now as I’m sure Fiona and I will be able to review it for you at some point in the future.

My second present was the ever coveted Famous Five ‘Smashing Notebook’. Its presentation does suggest that it’s a proper reading book but its got these amazing light blue, lined pages with little pictures of equipment. Dispersed in the pages of the book are the colour illustrations, once again by the amazing Eileen Soper. The front cover is from Five Go to Demon’s Rocks. Unfortunately although its a lovely present, I don’t suppose that I will use it because its too nice!


The smashing notebook

My third present comes from my Blytonian partner in blogging, Fiona. It’s a beautiful miniature box disguised as a book. She’s decorated it to look like a Hodder and Stoughton hard back of Five on a Hike Together. It’s even the brilliant and perfect shade of red that the Hodder early editions are.  It’s got a hole in the top for a pencil or pen to sit in. She thinks it’s coming into work with me, but I think it’s possibly too nice to risk at work so will take pride of place at home.


So these are my marvellous Blytonian Christmas presents (even if one of them is from me!) Did any of you get some Blyton related things for your Christmas presents? If so, what? Please do feel free to share with us in the comments below or send us a blog to the usual address!

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3 Responses to My Christmas present round up

  1. Francis says:

    I got the annual as well, Stef! Also a beautiful copy of ‘The Mountain of Adventure’ – my favourite book!
    Happy Xmas season.


  2. The Fact says:

    when are you going to do a review of the 90 style episode: five have a mystery to solve


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