Monday round up

We’ve had a busy week this week, blogging away and the reward has been a surge in views! People are hopefully rediscovering us after their Christmas break.

This week Fiona will be bringing you a review of the Secret Series TV programme which she got for her birthday? Christmas? I think it was birthday — I am sure she will correct me — and on Wednesday and I shall try to bring you something interesting!

Unfortunately the blog I was planning to do, hasn’t really got much past the development stage. I think I need to sit down and brain storm it a bit more before I write it. I may however choose to do a review of the Second Term at Malory Towers audio adaptation for you, which I’ve kept you waiting for since before Christmas.

Anyway, with that said, I don’t think there is anymore news, so I shall leave you with some photos I took of the university gardens back in October. I’m rather proud of these ones, especially the close ups as I’m still getting to grips with my new DLSR. Hope you like them!

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3 Responses to Monday round up

  1. chrissie777 says:

    “The Secret Series” has one major flaw: it was filmed in New Zealand instead of in England. I didn’t like the fact that they changed the plot of “The Secret Island” so much in order to modernize it and put environmental concerns into it.


  2. fiona says:

    “which she got for her birthday? Christmas? I think it was birthday — I am sure she will correct me”…

    That would require ME remembering which I got it for. Which I don’t!


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