Monday comes round again!

So here we are, another Monday, and we’re already in Feburary! How on Blyton did that happen?

Anyway I’ve had a weekend off, and one that has been most productive, as my bomb site of a room has been tidied somewhat. My parents helped and so has my other half, so I think I am on the way to becoming a more sane person (I think I can hear Fiona snorting! ;))

Onwards and upwards then, this week’s blogs will be as follows;

Wednesday: Stef’s Famous Five 90s Style of Five Go to Finniston Farm, one of my all time favourite episodes. Shall we see if my jaded eye can still see the magic in it?

Friday: Fiona will probably be providing us with a review of the 2016 Famous Five Annual that she got for Christmas. I say probably because at the time of typing, she had only suggested it. So we shall see and wait in impatience for the result.

There we are anyway, all sorted for the week even if we are being a bit topsy turvy with our blogging this week, with me going first.

I shall leave you with three of my favourite pictures that I took when I visited the national Trust Property, Cliveden in Buckinghamshire before Christmas, on a rare dry and sunny day! Enjoy!


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1 Response to Monday comes round again!

  1. Francis says:

    Lovely atmospheric photos, as usual, Stef! Look forward to this week’s blog entries.


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