Last Monday of the Month

So this week we see the last day of February, the 29th, which won’t come around for another 4 years! In which time we shall (hopefully) have a new government and the next Olympic Games will be almost upon us.

Anyway this week I shall be on Wednesday post duty again, with a making Blyton’s food blog all about making treacle tart a la Mrs Stick in Five Run Away Together and Fiona will be supplying us with a review of her 1970s Pepys card game, following on from the review she did of the original game  last year.

These are a couple pictures I took a few weeks ago when we had a frosty morning that I was awake for! Hope you like them.



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1 Response to Last Monday of the Month

  1. Francis says:

    Great photos, Stef – a touch of spring!
    Looking forward to this weeks offerings.


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