35 Things We Learned From the Famous Five a reblog from Forever Amber

Amber, of Forever Amber, has come up with a list of things we learn from the Famous Five, including:

1. All underground caves have a stream running through them. If you find yourself trapped in one (by smugglers, natch), all you have to do is follow the stream to the place where it breaks ground, and you will be freed.

2. You will almost always end up trapped in an underground cave during the “hols”, so you better have been paying attention to point 1.

3. Don’t worry, though – your faithful dog or other animal friend will guide you through the dark, winding tunnels to safety if the underground stream thing doesn’t work out.

Endpapers of Five Run Away Together, 1944 Hodder & Stoughton 1st Edition, by Eileen Soper. Oh for a torch like that!

There are another 32 things she has learned which can be read here.

And this all got me thinking. What else could we say we have learned from Blyton’s books in general?

  • Tutors are not to be trusted – they are either wrong doers or undercover policemen.
  • If a burglary has taken place locally you and your friends will be best placed to solve the crime. People chat to children and will tell them all sorts of incriminating things.
  • Midnight feasts WILL lead to stomach aches the next day.
  • If a locked room has been ransacked for papers, it was probably the work of a highly-trained chimp and you should look into nearby circuses or fairs.

Anything else?

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2 Responses to 35 Things We Learned From the Famous Five a reblog from Forever Amber

  1. chrissie777 says:

    I’ve learned to always bring a flashlight and a rope :).


  2. Francis says:

    Ginger Beer is essential on a picnic!
    Never buy a house with a large tree nearby.
    A girl who calls herself George must never be spoken to as Georgina.
    I’m sure there are plenty of others.


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