How to Get Blyton’s Style: Gents

If you saw my post from last week you’ll know that I picked out some clothes from today’s fashion that could be considered Blytonesque. They were clothes for the girls by and large and today I thought that I would give you the clothes I’ve picked out for the men! I hope you agree with me that they are fairly Blytonesque.

shortsShorts: These shorts with the rolled hem, seem casual enough to create the summer hols look the Famous Five would have gone with. I can see Dick and Julian running around the moors in shorts like these in an attempt to thwart the bad guys. Plus they look like they have deep enough pockets for everything a good explorer needs to carry, maps, compass and dog treats. You can find them here.




shirtShirt: Through the illustrations and the descriptions we can safely assume that shirts were worn even when they were not at school. Open necked shirts were the fashion I believe and I was thinking that this shirt would top the shorts nicely in a casual fashion. I thought that the light blue was neutral enough to go with the jumper. This sort of shirt is fairly easy to come across and makes a nice edition to any wardrobe regardless of whether or not you’re dressing the Blyton way. You can get it here.



jumperJumper: I mostly chose this jumper because I liked the colour more than anything else, and thought it would make a very nice combination with the shirt and shorts. We often hear about the Five wearing shirts, jumpers and blazers even on holiday so this seemed like a nice option. Its proper wool as well which means it would be hard wearing and have a long life.The jumper can be found on this website.




bootsWalking boots: To help round off the casualness of this ‘holiday’ outfit, I have tried to find the best option for walking boots. I think the ones I chose may be a little but too modern especially in the soles – too much rubber –  but the uppers look very similar to the ones that the cast wore in the nineties Famous Five when they went walking. The boot is high enough to support the ankle and sturdy enough to withstand much of what the Five and Blyton’s characters get up to. Millets do a good range, here.



macMacintosh: Frequently the character get caught in the rain and have nice Macintoshes to keep them dry and warm. Now I don’t know about you but I love a good mac (I need to replace mine–it’s too big now!) But this one looks like a good one for boys especially. It has the suggestion of an RAF dress coat, with the nice shoulder pads. Would be nice to see our boys trailing their suspects in these.




blazerBlazer: To round off the outfit off a blazer tops off the whole Blytonian feel to the whole holiday outfit. This nice navy one would fit in with the shorts and look good on top of the jumper. We’re just lucky that the blazer is an ‘in’ look at the moment so they’re easily come by. They can be found here.





So there we go, there is a complete outfit for all the men who read the blog, and I hope it fits with everyone’s idea of a Blyton costume. Hope you like it!


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2 Responses to How to Get Blyton’s Style: Gents

  1. Francis says:

    Very impressed with your selection, Stef – the Famous Five would have loved them.


  2. zanyzigzag says:

    This is great – nice selection!


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