Monday #171

We’re back after our weeks holiday. I was in Shropshire with my family and Fiona was enjoying the delights of Loch Awe near Oban with hers and we’re ready and raring to go with this weeks blogs and to be back in the blogging world.

Fiona will bring you Wednesdays blog of Noddy Meets Father Christmas, even though its the wrong time of year but I’m sure we can forgive her.

I will be looking into a lovely arts and crafts piece that I picked up on holiday and hopefully that will inspire us to use some of those double copies we don’t want to get rid of in a lovely arts and crafts project.

So there we are, all ready for the week ahead and I’ll leave you with some pictures from my first couple of days in Shropshire of some castles we went to see. Unfortunately I didn’t find any buried treasure or secret passages but I did look!

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3 Responses to Monday #171

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Beautiful pics, Stef :)!


  2. Francis says:

    Lovely, lovely photos Stef – thank you so much for posting them.



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