More on Enid Blyton’s Magazine

A while back I wrote about my new (and admittedly meagre) collection of Enid Blyton’s magazines. I had 23 at the time, out of the 162 that were printed. I thought I’d be unlikely to grow that collection as the only copies I’d seen for sale were going for about £5 each, which would be £700 for the remaining ones!

enid blyton magazines

How my collection did look

But I’m happy to say I now have 91 magazines, and they cost less than a pound each. A very generous gentleman who had collected the magazines as a child wanted them to go to a new home, and was happy to accept the postage cost plus a donation to his favourite charity. I thought that was an exceedingly good deal!

enid blyton's magazines

My new magazines

And the whole lot:

Enid Blyton's magazines

I nearly ran out of floor space!

I haven#t had the chance to examine the contents properly yet, but I’m hoping that there’s a complete serial amongst them somewhere.

Now I just have to find some way of storing them! My previous, small, pile was just sitting on a shelf. Some of these new ones are starting to fall apart though, hardly surprising given they are more than sixty years old, so I’d like somewhere safe for them.

If anyone has any ideas or experience with storing these types of magazines I’d love to hear about it.


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4 Responses to More on Enid Blyton’s Magazine

  1. Pete says:

    Really pleased to hear about your additions to your Enid Blyton Magazine collection Fiona.They couldn’t have gone to a better or more appreciative home – well done!
    Storage: Here’s how I store all mine..


  2. jillslawitJ says:

    I’ve used plastic sleeves (for each individual item) in ring binders for similar things, or a labelled box file. What a fantastic collection. I’ve never seen any about, but I’m going to start looking for some.


  3. Francis says:

    Well done – what a wonderful collection!
    I keep my magazines in A4 TUFF boxes (not the slim one) (purchased from Rymans) and keep them in chronological order. I am sure you will have some complete runs of some of the Famous Five books with their different illustrations – let us know when you have sorted them.


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