Monday #190

Once more a Monday upon us! Hope you’re excited for this week’s blogs!


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3 Responses to Monday #190

  1. Francis says:

    I am looking forward to them, Step – particularly the animal blog.

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  2. Dale Vincero, Brisbane, Australia says:

    Not for publication – Just out of interest, I have just received this email today 15November. But I notice “Francis” left a comment over a week ago, so he/she received this same email perhaps 8 days ago. Compared to my experience where I just received it this morning.
    Doesn’t matter to me -as long as they are received, who cares of there is a slight delay? Just interesting to me that there is such a large spread of receive times.

    Don’t know if you are soon preparing to do a review of Five Go To Smugglers Top (the book). I have some rather harsh words regarding Timmy’s antics in her novel. May have to wait…

    Girls, thanks for these reviews. I really enjoy them.


    • fiona says:

      That’s very strange, Dale. The emails are sent out automatically when a post is published so we have no control other than turning the feature on or off! It should send the email out to everyone at the same time, though, so I don’t know what’s happened there.
      I don’t think that either of us plan to review the FF books in the near future but I have written briefly about the book in my Famous Five Series Synopsis part 2, and Stef has reviewed the 70s TV episode. You could add your comments there – or write your own opinion piece for publication?
      Fiona (P.S had to approve and publish the comment so I could reply.)


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