Blytonian Presents (2016)

Every year I get spoiled on my birthday and at Christmas (the two days being only ten days apart) and every year I then show off what I got that’s Blyton-related. This year is no different!

fotojet-collage1. Five Go Gluten Free by Bruno Vincent – yes one of those very controversial Famous Five for adult books that came out this year. I might well hate it, but I’m always willing to try something at least once!

2. Who’s Who in Enid Blyton by Eva Rice – ‘don’t you already have that?’ I hear you ask. Followed by ‘and didn’t you write 10,000 words on how awful it is?’. The answers are yes, and yes. But this is a newer and updated version which I believe addresses perhaps two or three of my criticisms and so I wanted to have a look at it.

3. My birthday card from my mum – made from a charity shop sourced copy of Five Go to Smuggler’s Top.

4. Five Go on a Strategy Away Day by Bruno Vincent – if I’m giving one a go I might as well try two. I picked the two I thought sounded the best to ask for.

5. A Famous Five book mug – on which examining I said ‘the books are totally in the wrong order!’

6. A keyring with miniature Blyton books – which ones can you identify?

7. The envelope my card came in – I was most worried as my mum made it from ‘one of the books you left at home when you moved out’. And then I remembered I had left a duplicate copy of the Second Holiday Book. I’m still kinda appalled she tore up a perfectly good book, though, but it serves me right for leaving it where she could find it!

8. Another view of the mug

And some more things I got which are more tenuously connected:


  1. Rye Royal by Malcolm Saville – Saville is definitely a contemporary to Blyton when it comes to adventure/mystery stories and he has been mentioned on this blog quite a few times. I have all the rest of the Lone Pine series so this means I can finish reading them now. I’ve been after a copy for ages but this ones one of the hardest to find in its original and unabridged form.

2. A new cover for my Kindle – in a Cath Kidston book print.

3. Quiet please… I’m reading! sign – made by my mum as it was hard to find a nice one online. The page is from a Harry Potter book this time. (The woman does love destroying books!)

4. A book-pile pin


I hope you all got lots of Blyton goodies too!

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2 Responses to Blytonian Presents (2016)

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Thank you for the gorgeous photos! 🙂


  2. Francis says:

    I’ve got ‘Rye Royal’ as well! Great photos, Fiona.




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