Monday #222

It has been so hot that I’m pretty sure that ice-cream for supper is perfectly acceptable! Either way, I had it, it was delicious and now time to tell you what’s coming up on the blog this week, assuming that we can combat the heat and actually write. I really feel for Fiona because she’s got the added task of growing a baby – it can’t be comfortable right now. Anyway, it’s hot, and here are your blogs for the week. Enjoy!


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1 Response to Monday #222

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Sometimes I eat ice cream instead of breakfast :).
    I’m looking forward to “Hidden House”, one of my FFO & Dog favorites. I’m aware that most people don’t care for it. From what I remember (but I might be wrong) this is the first volume with Erm and the beginning of “portry” which I thoroughly enjoyed and which continues through several more sequels.


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