August 2017 round up

Fiona has, of course, gone on maternity leave, so this is all me now, you lucky things! Let’s get a crack on then.


It’s been a busy month but managed to fit some reading in between everything.

  • Too Many Cooks – Marina Pascoe Reviewed here.
  • The Ravenmaster’s Boy – Mary Hoffman
  • The Caravan Family – Enid Blyton – Reviewed here,
  • The Mystery of the Invisible Thief – Enid Blyton – Reviewed here.
  • The Mystery of the Vanished Prince –  Enid Blyton – Reviewed here.

Current reads:

  • Russian Roulette – Sara Sheridan
  • Peggy and Me – Miranda Hart
  • Feet of Clay – Terry Pratchett


  • Lord of the Rings and Lord of the Rings the Two Towers – my other half likes the movies a lot so I agreed to watch them with him.
  • Red Dwarf
  • Top Gear
  • The Antiques Road Trip


  • I’ve had my first taste of amusement parks – I have been taken to Thorpe Park by the boyfriend.
  • The other “fun” thing I’ve been made to do is go fishing. I mostly read throughout the afternoon while the boyfriend caught roach (much to his annoyment) and one carp.
  • I’ve had a couple of bbqs when the weather hasn’t been too bad.
  • And most of all this month I’ve been going gooey eyed over photos of Fiona’s baby boy Brodie who graced us with his presence at the beginning of the month.


Only a few things (understandably) : mostly on my phone while I’ve been feeding the baby.

  • Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) – on audiobook
  • Ah Sweet Mystery of Life – Roald Dahl
  • Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2) – on audiobook
  • Breastfeeding: Everything you need to know about – Suzanne Fredregill
  • The House of Closed Doors – Jane Steen
  • East End Angel (Campbell Road Saga #5) – Kay Brellend

And things on the go:

  • What to Expect the 1st Year – Heidi Murkhoff
  • The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar – Roald Dahl

I’m also listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks again but I’ve slept through too much of them for it to count again.


  • Still haven’t missed an episode of Hollyoaks yet!
  • The new series of Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away.
  • Only Connect (still getting the odd answer right)
  • Legomasters 


  • Well, as Stef has mentioned – I’ve had my baby! (I’m typing this one handed while he sleeps on me!) He was 8 lb 11.5 oz at birth and he’s now 9lb 13oz at 4.5 weeks!
  • Had lots of sleepless nights
  • Changed tons of nappies
  • Eaten most meals with one hand
  • Taken out an Amazon Prime subscription and ordered something baby related nearly every day
  • Taken hundreds of photos of Brodie


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1 Response to August 2017 round up

  1. Francis says:

    Did you watch the extended versions of LOTR?!


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