Monday #247

I’ve just calculated where in the year or coming year we’ll be when we get to Monday post #250, and it will be the first Monday of the New Year, actually New Year’s Day! How strange is that? We’ll have been going for 250 Monday’s worth of blog posts (even if I have been less than adequate lately). Let me break that down for you a little.

That is:

  • 4 years and 8 months of blog posts
  • 1000 blog posts (by our 250th Monday)

If you think about that, its masses and masses of writing, time, and on Fiona’s case massive massive effort, even when she’s been on maternity leave with Brodie (I want to know how on earth that little tinker is 4 months old already!) So I just want to thank her, especially, but also want to thank all those who have written for us over the years, it really has made our job easier and filled our blog with much more delightful content than we could ever have hoped for. If I could reach you all, I’d give you a pat on the back!

Anyway as it stands, here’s our 247th Monday post and what’s coming up this week. And Yes, I WILL FINISH THIS BLOG!


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4 Responses to Monday #247

  1. Francis says:

    What a truly wonderful job you have done, Stef and Fiona. A huge body of wonderfully informative work. Well done and carry on the good work! Francis


  2. chrissie777 says:

    Let me thank you for a delightful Enid Blyton blog, Fiona and Stef!!!


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