Monday #254

I am trying something new for Mondays as of today! Monday will now feature a few little snippets like quotes, characters or books plus of course the all important ‘what we will be writing’ now known as topics of the week. 

Coming up we have:

The Enchanted Wood


Blytonian Food

(a nice little accidental rhyme for you there!)

“Don’t forget Bill Smugs!”

Who could forget Bill? Even if he does change his name from Smugs to Cunningham to (Dr) Walker. He’s in all eight Adventure Series books too, so if you haven’t read about good old Bill, why not start with The Island of Adventure where he is using the name of Smugs, and find out more about him?

Bill Smugs/Cunningham, of the Adventure Series, drawn by Stuart Tresilian

Well it has to be Kirrin Island, doesn’t it? That most idyllic place with cute rabbits, sandy beaches, a ruined castle, an old wreck dank dungeons and on more than one occasion dangerous baddies. Not that any baddies are a serious problem if you’ve got the Five with you! Just remember to ask George’s permission before you go, or you might find yourself in a spot of bother.

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2 Responses to Monday #254

  1. Dale Vincero, Brisbane, Australia says:

    I think we all know by now, that EB met some bloke on holidays somewhere who had a name very similar to Bill Smuggs, and that’s how his name was chosen for the series. I like the fact he is bald. Does that mean I am bald too? Probably…


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