Monday #255

Bourne End


Dissecting the Magic of Enid Blyton (by Liam Martin)

Hollow Tree House, a tale of two neglected and abused children who run away to live an idyllic – if brief – life in a hollow tree. It’s a less in depth version of main story of The Secret Island, but it has many charming moments and a few suspenseful ones too.

Diana Lynton from the Barney Mysteries is a strong, wilful character – when she’s not mooning around that is. No, I don’t mean she bares her bottom! She has a bit of a day-dream from time to time, though. She’s probably dreaming of a bit of time away from her dull(ish) brother Roger and extremely annoying cousin Snubby. She manages to keep those two in hand, though she often takes a back seat in adventures being the only girl, and she takes motherly care of Barney when he turns up.

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2 Responses to Monday #255

  1. jillslawit says:

    I was only thinking that Diana doesn’t crop up much anywhere else. I’ve just finished (finally read it) Rat-a-Tat Mystery. I like Diana and think she has more potential. Snubby is well defined but annoying, Barney has enough about him to command the leadership role, and I wouldn’t mind if Roger had a bad cold every hols and had to stay home in bed!


    • fiona says:

      Diana is like a lesser version of Dinah I always think. Roger is a bland character with no real defining qualities and Snubby would be impossible to live with even if he is fun to read about!


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