Bourne End overview

Over the years we’ve written a lot about our trips to Enid Blyton’s magical home of Old Thatch and Bourne End, even though we haven’t really written about it since. So I thought I would remind you all of our previous adventures there, and a little bit on the last walk I went on there last weekend with my boyfriend and his family.

If you type “Bourne End” search bar on the right or you can click the link here to search all the articles on Bourne End.

Also, if you want a closer look at Blyton’s old family home, you can find the link to the Old Thatch articles here .

Last Saturday it was a very nice day, nice and clear so I took my boyfriend and his family on one of my favourite walks around Bourne End. So that was down to the river and along to the marina. From there we made our way into Bourne End itself via the station – my fella and his mum are fascinated by trains.  They very much enjoyed the walk, given that they had never gone that far up the Thames path. So it was nice showing them and sharing my first walk at Bourne End this year with my fella.

Here are some of the pictures:

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5 Responses to Bourne End overview

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Very nice article again, Stef :)!
    Thank you.

    BTW I have lots of pictures from our Marlow to Bourne End walk in September 2008 on a sunny and very hot Sunday, in case you would like to see them. It’s definitely a very long walk, but I wanted to do it once in my life, just to see what EB described in her FFO & Dog series.


  2. Francis says:

    Oh how I love this dear Stef – so many happy memories of a lovely place and meeting you and the others in the pub and going round Old Thatch and eating that lovely cake!
    Many regards

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