Monday #257

Blytonian food,

The Enchanted Wood


What we did in February

“It is a treek. Did you not give me a dare? Did you not tell me to do a treek on you? I have done one with the teeth. They are treek teeth. Oh la la – I must laugh again.”

Mam’zelle Dupont rises magnificently to the challenge of her fifth-year pupils and ‘treeks’ them with a set of fangs. She scares quite a few parents and worries a few staff members too, which just adds to the hilarity for her!

Peterswood Village is the home of the Five Find-Outers and Mr Goon. It’s a varied little place with its own police house, various shops, enough sinister characters to kick-start fifteen mysteries plus a pleasant river running by it. It is based on Bourne End, where Blyton lived for several years at Old Thatch, and if you ever visit Bourne End and walk along the river-path you might just feel like you are in Peterswood.

bourne end / peterswood

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1 Response to Monday #257

  1. chrissie777 says:

    That would be a great World of Blyton blog post to show photos from all the Bourne End locations found in the EBS thread from 2008 called “Looking for Fatty in Peterswood” (or something like that). When we met some of the forumites at the Spade Oak in May 2014 and later visited Old Thatch, I would have loved to go to all the places mentioned in that EBS thread, but nobody felt like doing it :(.


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