Famous Five on TV

As we all know, there have been various adaptations of the Famous Five books for the TV and big Saturday afternoon screenings back in the fiftes, but I thought we’d just have a look at the reviews I’ve done over the last couple of years of the two TV shows. I just thought I would share with you the links where you can find these reviews and my favourite and least favourite episodes.

The 1970s TV show reviews can be found here.

The 1990s TV show reviews can be found here.

Favourite episode

For both series, it would have to be Five on a Hike Together (90s review here and 70s review here).  It helps that it is my favourite Five adventure over all, I think Enid Blyton was onto a winner when she wrote this one because it is so atmospheric and captivating and that really comes over in the TV shows. Both sets of casts and crews did a very good group at depicting this adventure even through the sometimes not so subtle differences to the text. In my humble opinion, these episodes are the best.

Injured Timmy ( Marco Williamson & Jemima Rooper)


Least Favourite

For me the least favourite episode from the 70s version was the initial Five go to Kirrin Island Again dual episodes (reviews of which can be found here and here) mostly because it does not lend itself to the introduction of the Five and the plot has been significantly changed and altered to make it basically completely different from the book. I’m not sure that Blyton would have been impressed

My least favourite 90s episode has to be Five Are Together Again. Its so so so unrecognisable from the book it’s scary. Instead of the papers being hidden on a boat, they’re hidden in a Japanese garden and the whole thing is really bizarre. I just don’t get on with that episode at all. Not to mention Julian is at his pompous worst! Absolute worst.

So there we are, a quick overview of the TV episodes. Let me know what your favourite episodes and least favourite episodes are.

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1 Response to Famous Five on TV

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Well, I watched them when they were first on German TV in the 1970’s and was so very disappointed that the FF have been modernized, because that was not my imagination of the FF at all. I also disliked the famous song.

    But when the 1990’s TV series aired on German TV I was enchanted with it, because now it had the feel of the forties and fifties and resembled much more Soper’s illustrations and my imagination. Particularly George looked exactly like George on the illustrations.
    However, it has been years since I watched the 1990’s FF TV series, so I don’t have a best and worst episodes list :(.
    High time to watch them again…


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