Monday #270

My laptop is in being repaired at the moment so this week’s posts are reliant on me getting it back in time to write something! Fingers crossed.

Philip Mannering’s animals


May roundup

I remember a little boy called Dick who put aside two golliwogs, one teddy bear, three toy dogs, two toy cats and his old monkey to take down to Polseath one year.

Mrs Kirrin reminds Dick that Anne is not the only silly one when it comes to holiday packing, at the start of Five On a Treasure Island.

Five on a treasure island

Susie is a girl I think we are supposed to love to hate. I know some people feel sorry for her as her older brother Peter excludes her from the his club, the Secret Seven. But I can see why! He wants a group of his friend who are all the same age, and doesn’t want his annoying little sister tagging along. Susie takes this very personally and constantly pops up to annoy the Seven, and interferes with their plans. The unfortunate thing is she’s actually pretty smart and she would actually be a credit to the Secret Seven (if a very irritating one). Her own group, the Famous Five (below) don’t achieve as much as the Secret Seven or the real Five.

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