Monday #272

In case you were wondering if you had missed it, we skipped Monday #271. I didn’t have my laptop and wasn’t sure when I would get it back in order for me to write and publish anything (though I’d forgotten I had a father’s day post scheduled anyway). As it turns out I still don’t have my laptop back as it is unrepairable! I do however have a new one, and access to a computer at work now my maternity leave has ended. So we are back in business.

Philip Mannering’s animals


May round up

A real one this week – formerly known as Elfin Cottage, 83 Shortlands Road, Beckenham is up for sale. It was Enid Blyton who named it Elfin Cottage, back in 1926 when it was a new-build and in a more rural setting than it is now. It features a blue plaque with her name on it on the front and it could be yours for only a million pounds!

83 Shortlands Road, aka Elfin Cottage

quote of the week


“Next time you want to meddle in anything, Meddle, tell me before you start. It would save such a lot of trouble!”

Aunt Jemima has some sage advice for Mr Meddle, but unfortunately he never follows it!


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