Monday #274

My top ten Adventure Series moments


June round up

“Ock-ock-oo.” – Mr Penruthlan

Mr Penruthlan is a giant of a man but most of the time he lacks an important element of speech – his false teeth! Thus most of his sentences are about as clear as mud, though Mrs Penruthlan seems to be able to translate them without any difficulty!

The castle of The Castle of Adventure is a huge, rather sinister building. The only way in (unless you have a key to one of the doors) is across a plank and through a narrow window, or by getting soaked wriggling through an underground stream. Once inside it is full of fusty, musty, dusty rooms and mouldering furniture. There is  a courtyard complete with an eagles’ nest, though, and a secret underground room where the suits of armour may or may not clank to life. Unfortunately it is half destroyed in a storm near the end of the book, making it even more inaccessible! By now it would probably be largely ruined I would think.

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