Monday #277

Miss Grayling’s Girls


Blyton’s homeliest secret homes

Just at that moment the old man came into the room again with a jug of water. How he stared! But, before he could do anything, the chest-of-drawers rose up in the air,  knocked the water out of his hand, almost pushed him over, and squeezed itself out of the door.

Just another normal day in the life of the Wishing Chair!


Five Go Down to the Sea is the 12th Famous Five adventure. It takes place around Tremmanon Farm in cornwall, where the Five are politely regarded as furriners. It has all the usual elements of a good mystery/adventure – a suspicious man sneaking around in the night, tales of old wreckers, a secret passage, travelling performers and a pantomime horse. Well, the last one might be specific to just this book, but old Clopper adds a lot of amusement, and is tied up in the solving of the mystery too.

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